Cheap towing San Diego

S Towing offers Towing services San Diego, roadside assistance throughout the city of San Diego, California. We can tow all kinds of vehicles at any time, including automobiles, sports cars, vintage cars, SUVs, trucks and motorcycles.
Guaranteed service from 100% qualified drivers always at affordable rates!
Call (949) 205-3440 for a tow truck 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Come rain or shine you can count on our immediate assistance on the road.

Towing services San Diego


We offer: Light duty towing

Flatbed towing A reliable and safe option for towing vehicles for short as well as long distances.

Wheel lift towing

The simplest way of towing a car: we just hook a vehicle and lift its front wheels. If it’s a low car, we’ll attach a dolly at the back to avoid bodywork damage.

Motorcycle towing

Our flatbed tow trucks can fit up to two motorcycles at a time. Don’t let a broken bike keep you stranded.

Heavy duty towing

We can tow golf karts, buggies, and any heavy equipment up to the size of an average forklift. *We currently don’t tow RVs, boats, buses or containers. S Towing is a locally owned and operated San Diego Towing Company. This means our customers will always be assisted by, nicer, warmer San Diego professionals. To find a tow truck near you just call (949) 205-3440

Cheap towing San Diego
Towing services San Diego