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Towing services San Diego

Sometimes it so happens that your car may stop working all of a sudden. It can happen due to many reasons. Some of them are dead engines, flat batteries, no fuel and many more.  Again it is caused by the accident of your car or maybe due to hitting a big pole. Poles can damage your car. Towing companies provide you with towing services 24×7 and anywhere and anytime. They help you to tow your car to the nearest mechanic or garage.

Towing companies have different kinds of the method by which they tow your vehicle.

Types Of Towing Services

  • FlatBed Towing services: Here the cars are taken by strapping them to heavy machinery and lifting them up. Then they are taken to the nearest mechanic
  • Low Duty Towing: Towing services San Diego uses this method to tow vehicles. Especially for weighing less than 10,000lbs.
  • Medium Duty Towing: This type of method is used by towing services in San Diego to lift up medium vehicles like small trucks or SUVs and take them to the garage.
  • Heavy Duty Towing: This type of towing is used by towing services in San Diego to tow heavy vehicles. Mainly, like trucks and very heavy tankers.

Towing companies also provide services like 24×7 customer services, insurance payments, and services at any time and anywhere. Therefore tow your car to the nearest garage with a trustworthy company. The one you can rely on completely.


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