Important Things to Know About Car Towing

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There might arise some situations where you have to take your car without driving it. Towing is the best option in such scenarios. You can get a company which offers towing services and get your car transported from one place to another place without any hassle. There are few important things which must remember two your car from one place to another.

Towing Capacity

This is the first thing which you have to know before you start towing the car. Know what is the capacity of the tow vehicle? Not all the vehicles have equal capacity and can take equal weights. Each vehicle has its own capacity which has designated by the manufacturers. Use the manufacturer guide of the towing vehicle to know its capacity.

Although the car towing Services San Diego Company will send the vehicle which can handle the weight of your car only. It is better to be aware of the capacity so that there won’t be any problem while transporting the car.

Drive Wheels

Here is another parameter that you have to consider before hiring a car Towing Services San Diego company for the towing of your car. Know whether your car that needs to towed is a front wheel car or rear wheel car. If you don’t want to damage your car then you have to keep the driving wheels off the ground. If you are unable to tow the car by keeping the wheels off the ground then you can go for other options such as drive shaft couplets or lube pumps to get your work done. The driving wheels of the car and the manner you are adopting for towing will decide whether you have to use these tools or not.

Towing Methods

There are various options that the car Towing Services San Diego Company will adopt when they are towing your car. If your car is having front drive wheels then you can go for the tow dolly where the front wheels lifted off the ground. The simplest method is towing your car into a flatbed trailer, it this is not available then tow dolly and tow bar used. In tow bar method four iron bars connected to both vehicles and four wheels of the car left on the ground which means there is a need for extra accessories.


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