Five Car Maintenance Tips You Must Know

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Car owners always struggle with keeping their vehicle in good shape. While many people learn how to take care of their car, others often end up paying huge money on repairs frequent. Here is a list of 5 easy and essential car maintenance tips that you must know:

1. Regular Wash and Servicing

This is probably the easiest and most important car maintenance tip that every vehicle owner should follow. Car body often gets covered with dirt and mud on the road, and letting it stick for a long time can corrode the frame, or decrease the performance of the vehicle. This is important to get your car washed frequent or after a long road trip. It also prevents the growth of any type of foul smell or germ/insect infestation.

2. Timely Oil Change

Lubrication oil plays an important role in maintaining the health and performance of any vehicle. With regular usage, the oil in a car’s engine loses its lubricating efficiency and needs to change regularly. Different car manufacturers suggest different time-period for which the oil should be used and recommend changing it after the certain number of weeks. Consult your car dealer or a nearby garage to know when you should change your car’s lubricating oil.

3. Proper Tire Health

Well-maintained tires go a long way in ensuring great performance from your vehicle. Car makers recommend a level or air pressure in tires based on the weight of the vehicle and its efficiency. This is why it is important to get your car’s tire pressure checked frequently. It becomes especially essential when you are planning to head out for a long drive or road trip as it can help avoid any tire related breakdowns on the road.

4. Topped up the fuel tank

Nothing harms the car engine more than a dried fuel tank. If you are one of those who waits for the fuel tank to run dry in order to get it filled, prepared for regular engine breakdowns and car troubles. Dried up fuel tank can cause increased friction in the engine, reducing its performance over time. Also, you wouldn’t want to stranded in the middle of the road with an empty tank seeking help to reach the nearest gas station.

5. Prompt Emergency Assistance

Despite all care and precautions, sometimes the car breaks down unannounced. Whether it is a flat tire or engine trouble, you can never be completely prepared. In such cases, it is a smart idea to seek prompt emergency towing solutions and bring your vehicle to a garage for repairs.

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