Know all About the Various Towing Trucks

towing services

Your car may break down at any point in time. At times like those, you need towing services. All towing trucks are not meant for all types of vehicles. There are different types of trucks for different types of vehicles. There are various models manufactured by different companies. How could you decide which towing truck is suitable for your vehicle?

  • Flat Bed Tow Trucks: There are many tow trucks like heavy tow trucks and light tow trucks. In Flat Bed tow trucks, the cars are hung and secured. Then trucks carry them by pulling them in front. Many times tow truck companies know which truck is suitable for the right one. There are many trucks where which are suitable for carrying motorcycles as well. The entire vehicle is loaded into the tow truck and then carried off to the nearest mechanic. Flat bed tow trucks are considered the safest form of towing services. They are the most efficient way of towing.
  • Dolly Tow Trucks: In this type of towing services the vehicles are loaded on one side only. It is such that two wheels of the vehicle remain in contact with the ground. While two of them are tightly secured on the ropeway or the hinges that are there on the truck. It is then towed to the nearest mechanic shop for fast repairing.

In some cases, dolly tow trucks do not work. If the vehicle is a heavy truck or a heavy four-wheeler then this tow truck cannot carry it. Motorcycles could only be carried with the help of flat bed tow truck. Most of the professional tow truck companies have at least one flat bed tow truck under them. Choose only those towing companies which maintain their tow trucks properly and would be able to provide you with 24×7 services.